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    At Club GTI, you will find VAG motorsport knowledge and enthusiasm that is second to none, Worldwide.

    There is no single other Club, community and forum which brings together the level of information we have here today. That is why Club GTI has a global audience, all seeking or imparting advice, ideas and tips from the information exchanged in our forum. This is all possible as a result of the knowledgeable membership base we have, coupled with endless research and careful sorting of information, the kind which enthusiasts immerse themselves in, searching for answers!

    The net result is we have ex-works car owners, Clubman competitors whether race, rally, sprint, autocross, all of which go hand in hand with the core of track day enthusiasts, all of whom are regularly out there showing others never to underestimate a car from the VAG stable!

    On top of this, we have historians and archivists, who consistently unearth and document fascinating information from past VAG motorsport activity. Check out fthaimike's thread on the Kamei Golf, without a doubt the most famous competition Mk1 Golf in the World, a point proven by the ever increasing list of faithful tribute replicas, created with care by enthusiasts.

    Most VAG Motorsport competitors with an eye on the web pass through Club GTI at some stage, having long since over come any apprehensions of boy racerism! We welcome competitors, past and present to richen the environment on Club GTI, whether seeking advice, looking for technical information or regaling tales and events from the past.

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    Trackdays 2018

    Could well be up for curby. The mk1 is off to jmr in a few weeks to finally get its new engine fitted. So not sure that will be ready by then. Always

    gasco Today, 11:32 Go to last post
    sam jelfs

    8v water / oil temp problems...

    Nearest TPS is something like a 450 mile round trip from me, think I'll try the nearest VW main dealer first

    Annoyingly when I search

    sam jelfs Today, 11:28 Go to last post

    Hello from Steve!

    Ah thank You! I love the new Golfs but you can't beat a classic , the rust adds value [emoji6]

    Steven31327 Today, 11:24 Go to last post

    8v water / oil temp problems...

    yep recon you're pretty much done oil sender is 049919563A Vw still have them at 19.31+VAT. local TPS branch usually gives you a little discount

    rubjonny Today, 11:20 Go to last post

    Golf MKII 1,8t swap fuel relay issue

    the indicator flash sounds like alarm issue, if you dont want the alarm or central locking, windows etc then you can remove the CCM module under the dash

    rubjonny Today, 11:11 Go to last post

    Website issues

    Hi, there seems to be an issue in firefox at least with the gsf website. If you select a vehicle from the drop down boxes. The popup "Is this car?

    Finite Today, 11:09 Go to last post
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