• Golf R gets the much anticipated Performance Pack

    The Volkswagen Golf R is renowned for its 4Motion-inspired all-wheel drive composure and vibrant driving ability. The latest version of the Golf R was launched in the UK earlier this year with revised styling and new technology, including redesigned bumpers, new LED headlights, sweeping indicators and Volkswagen’s Active Info Display.

    Now there is a potent new Performance Pack option for DSG-equipped versions of this fast Golf. The Performance Pack adds to the head-turning looks of the Golf R and further refines its dynamic capabilities.

    Fitted at the factory, the new Performance Pack comprises the ‘R-Performance’ brake system taken from the GTI Clubsport S model of which only 150 came into the UK, a derestricted top speed as per the Clubsport S, and 19-inch ‘Spielberg’ alloy wheels. The hatchback version receives a rear roof spoiler also taken from the Golf GTI Clubsport S too. Collectively these enhancements are priced at £2,300 (RRP).

    Proven brakes from the Golf GTI Clubsport S

    Silver-painted callipers mark the ‘R-Performance’ brake system out from the standard set-up. A two kilogram weight saving contributes to the superior performance but it is the ‘built pin discs’ that provide a superior feel for the driver.

    Taken from the revered GTI Clubsport S these built pin discs have an aluminium brake pot with a cast steel friction ring that’s joined to the brake pot via cast pins. The advantage in this configuration is it expands radially when under stress, aiding durability and proving especially advantageous when the Golf R is driven on a track.

    A top speed limited to 155 mph applies to the Golf R in both hatchback and Estate forms. However, that limit is removed when the Performance Pack is specified – thereby unleashing the full potential of the car’s 310 PS 2.0-litre TSI engine. In derestricted form, the hatchback model will reach 166 mph and the Estate 168 mph - few miles per hour short of the 171mph afforded by the Clubsport S model.

    Additionally, when the Performance Pack is specified, the 18-inch ‘Cadiz’ alloy wheels fitted to the standard Golf R are upgraded to 19-inch ‘Spielberg’ alloys. And customers of the hatchback model will have an extra rear spoiler lip fitted to their Golf R, which adds a useful 20 kilograms of downforce.

    Alongside the arrival of the Performance Pack, Volkswagen is now also offering a bespoke sports exhaust package for hatchback versions of the new Golf R, whether they are equipped with a manual or a DSG gearbox.

    With low density and high strength, titanium is a performance car manufacturer’s ideal metal. Using this material Slovenian exhaust specialist Akrapovič has developed an exhaust system that complements the Golf R Performance Pack. It is available separately for the hatchback Golf R and is priced at £2,975 (RRP).

    Akrapovic exhaust system

    Round tailpipes, rather than oval, and valve control technology result in an incomparable exhaust sound, particularly at high revs and when shifting gear. The valve control system is adjusted inline with the Golf R’s Driving Mode Selection options, which include Eco, Normal, Sport and Race.

    In standard form the Golf R is priced from £32,710 (OTR RRP) or £33,995 (OTR RRP) with the DSG gearbox. One of the hottest of hot hatches, the Golf R is a potent and popular model in the UK. Fitted with the Performance Pack and accompanying sports exhaust option, it becomes lighter and features sharper styling alongside that purposeful exhaust sound.

    The Golf R Estate is a one of a kind car and is only available with a DSG gearbox. It is priced, in standard form, from £35,700 (OTR RRP). With the Performance Pack it benefits from the improved braking system, an unrestricted speed limit and larger wheels.

    Volkswagen R GmbH, subsiduary of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) was founded back in March 2010. The R vehicles exhibit it proudly, and included in the company name. While the letter ‘R’ stood for ‘Racing’ on the first R-model in 2002, it has meanwhile evolved into a unique success story. With a wide range of individually customized vehicles that thrill their drivers again every day. The passion of motor sports – developed further and made fit for road use by designers and engineers at Volkswagen Motorsport Hanover. For people with a taste for the extraordinary. It's Directer is Jost Capito. Herr Capito has been employed in various roles during his 30-year career, with his most successful role being Director of Motorsport. He was a major driving force behind the monumentally successful Polo R WRC. He left Volkswagen Motorsport in November 2016 to join McLaren F1. He later rejoined Volkswagen AG in June 2017 to head Volkswagen R - He is an automotive JEDI.

    For more details on the Volkswagen Golf R – together with brochures and pricing – and to use Volkswagen’s online configurator, please visit www.volkswagen.co.uk.
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    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Where's any racing heritage?

      Which racing cars have:
      Air Conditioning, leather upholstery, 4 exhaust pipes (3 of which serve no purpose at all only to add weight), radios, speakers, electric (glass) windows, electric mirrors, etc., etc..
    1. Toyotec's Avatar
      Toyotec -
      It is a 100% road car with some hint of race car acceleration and performance.
      If you were to compare a new R or GTD to a 1.2 or 1.5 TSI, there is a night and day difference.
      Racing heritage? It has got almost as much power as TCR racer for the road!
    1. Volkswagenism's Avatar
      Volkswagenism -
      [QUOTE=Dave;2466052]Where's any racing heritage?

      From your response to this, I appreciate your lack of awareness of Volkswagen's pedigree in Motorsport. It's Motorsport division was founded in 1966. It has achieved so much in just over Five Decades - the winning vehicles did not always wear the the Volkswagen rondel! Watch this space, I will write an article on the Wolfsburg's firm's Motorsport Prowess.
    1. Toyotec's Avatar
      Toyotec -
      Er...Dave might have invented some of that pedigree.
      Do not get him started .
      Please do write your piece though. Look forward to reading it.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      My fault for not writing a more clear statement!

      What I meant to write was:
      "Where is VW's racing heritage in THAT car?"

      A powerful motor does not a racing car make!
    1. Trev16v's Avatar
      Trev16v -
      I have one on order anyway, scheduled to be built within a fortnight. Albeit without this new performance pack. But, I've specified DCC.

      It's an amazing road car and I actually look forward to having all the comforts as well as the fun.
    1. Finite's Avatar
      Finite -
      So plenty of time for you to hack the DCC into active suspension for a demo at Curby