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    With help from VRMedia we have put together an epic holiday movie for all those that help make it possible, and all those planning to go
    The full version is just over 30 Minutes long. Here are the shortened You Tube versions

    Offical Ring Trip - Part 1

    Offical Ring Trip - Part 2

    Ring Trip 2009, The Pilot

    At Club GTI, we're big on history. Our history goes in parallel with the success of the GTI, so it's nice to dip into that history once in a while and enjoy the foundations we have.

    Check out the Club GTI youtube account for more.

    Or rallying, touring car racing, sprinting... you name it.

    At Club GTI, it's always been about enjoying driving or enjoying seeing the cars being driven. Some people take it to extremes, but this sort of general-tearing-about stuff, it rather floats our boat. With the Polo WRC in a phase of intense R&D, we're not going to be short of inspirational material any time soon. Tuck in.

    Check out more video on the Club GTI Youtube account here.

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    jetta performance

    This is a wind up right?

    notenoughtime Today, 21:45 Go to last post

    Hello again!

    Hi there,
    Back after a few years away.
    Just purchased myself a mk3 16v 5dr, 99k Miles fsh, leather interior- as a daily driver.

    stuarts Today, 21:44 Go to last post

    jetta performance

    with vast amounts of money, huge turbos and regular rebuilding of the engine.

    What is your current drivetrain and what is your budget, 1000,

    Tristan Today, 21:31 Go to last post

    the Off Topic thread

    notenoughtime Today, 21:30 Go to last post

    the Off Topic thread

    Yes the man himself, when we first bought it I remember it was ****ing down and he took me out on full slicks flat out!!!!

    notenoughtime Today, 21:29 Go to last post

    the Off Topic thread

    Thanks for the info Dave

    Probably as usual the manufacturer used later shells as they where written off as they done with Mini’s/ escorts

    notenoughtime Today, 21:26 Go to last post
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