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Motorsport – Club GTI https://clubgti.com Club GTI Thu, 18 Oct 2018 14:27:19 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.9 Team Dynamics motorsport wheels – Great prices https://clubgti.com/team-dynamics-motorsport-wheels-great-prices/ https://clubgti.com/team-dynamics-motorsport-wheels-great-prices/#respond Tue, 19 Jul 2016 22:18:20 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1410

Team Dynamics motorsport wheels

Our friends over at JTech Performance Parts have some great prices for custom Team Dynamics wheels at the moment. Not to be confused with the generic large centre bore wheels for sale on Ebay off the shelf that will require spigot rings etc, These are made to the specs that you require from blanks. Offset, centre-bore, PCD, colour, number of studs. Head over to the JTech section directly and speak to Henry or Jamie.

For pictures, wheel weights, and available offsets: www.teamdynamicsracing.com

All wheels are machined to order for specific centre bores, PCD, offsets, and sizes. – The proper motorsport way. No spiggot rings/spacers.

Pro Race 1.2 – (Gloss Black) – (Matt Black , Anthracite, Silver, White, Gold + £20 a wheel)

*Price per wheel inc Vat.

7.0″ x 15″ £97.5
8.0″ x 15″ £115
7.0″ x 16″ £115
7.0″ x 17″ £120
7.5″ x 17″ £140
8.0″ x 17″ £145
9.0″ x 17″ £165
8.0″ x 18″ £160
9.0″ x 18″ £175

Pro Race 3 – (Gloss Black) – (Matt Black , Silver, White + £20 a wheel)

*Price per wheel inc Vat.

7.0″ x 15″ £100
7.0″ x 17″ £130

Pro Race 1.3 – (Gloss Black) – (Matt Black , Hi Power Silver, + £20 a wheel)

*Price per wheel

7.0″ x 13″ £100
9.0″ x 17″ £175
8.5″ x 18″ £175
10.” x 18″ £200
8.5″ x 19″ £200
9.0″ x 20″ £225

Pro Rally – (Gloss Black) – (Silver, White + £20 a wheel)

*Price per wheel inc Vat.

6.0″ x 15″ £110
7.0″ x 15″ £110

All Plus P+P, depending on number and size! (Normally £35 for 4)

This article was originally published in forum thread: Team Dynamics Wheels started by JTechPerformance View original post
https://clubgti.com/team-dynamics-motorsport-wheels-great-prices/feed/ 0
2 litre TFSI Cylinder head cutaway https://clubgti.com/2-litre-tfsi-cylinder-head-cutaway/ https://clubgti.com/2-litre-tfsi-cylinder-head-cutaway/#respond Fri, 20 Feb 2015 22:57:58 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1448 Type – VW 2 litre 16V TFSI Cylinder head. (Part number – 06F 103 373)

Club member Brian G has posted a 2 litre TFSI Cylinder head cutaway thread for our viewing pleasure and to advance our technical knowledge.
This was crowdfunded by Club GTI and its members to pay for a small part of the project. We thank all the members and especially to Brian G for his time and effort on this.

Brian, wants to say special thanks to the member ‘LUPOCHARGED’ for donating this TFSI Cylinder head.

He would also like to thank the following members for making this TFSI Cylinder Head Cutaway happen:

Club GTI Committee
Richard Mk2
Marty’s Dub
Gaz 37
Dragon Fly
Mushy 16v
VW Singh-Gurds

All of the above members kindly chipped in to cover shipping costs required to get the TFSI Cylinder head to me for analysis.

For the record, here is the older EA827 16v head you have all seen Im sure –

This article was originally published in forum thread: The 2 litre TFSI Cylinder head cutaway and port wall thickness thread started by Brian.G View original post

https://clubgti.com/2-litre-tfsi-cylinder-head-cutaway/feed/ 0
Jason Plato and Colin Turkington to race VW CCs in 2015 BTCC https://clubgti.com/jason-plato-and-colin-turkington-to-race-vw-ccs-in-2015-btcc/ https://clubgti.com/jason-plato-and-colin-turkington-to-race-vw-ccs-in-2015-btcc/#respond Wed, 18 Feb 2015 09:03:25 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1451 PR recently received…

Jason Plato and Colin Turkington join Team BMR line-up

Two of the front-running drivers in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship are set to race for the same team in 2015, as reigning champion Colin Turkington will compete alongside fellow double champion and 2014 runner-up, Jason Plato.

The sensational driver duo has signed to drive Team BMR Volkswagen CC machines alongside race winner from last season Aron Smith and team owner Warren Scott. The announcement was made via an ITV Sport video in conjunction with the BTCC YouTube Channel ….

This article was originally published in forum thread: Jason Plato and Colin Turkington to race VW CCs started by NBirkitt View original post

https://clubgti.com/jason-plato-and-colin-turkington-to-race-vw-ccs-in-2015-btcc/feed/ 0
Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2015 https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-polo-r-wrc-2015/ https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-polo-r-wrc-2015/#respond Tue, 20 Jan 2015 00:51:10 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1453 As posted on our facebook pages via vrbanana.

The new 318bhp POLO R WRC 2015

This has just been recently revealed.

Do we like?

This article was originally published in forum thread: Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2015. started by Toyotec View original post

https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-polo-r-wrc-2015/feed/ 0
Pat Horan’s quattro Story #quattrostories https://clubgti.com/pat-horans-quattro-story-quattrostories/ https://clubgti.com/pat-horans-quattro-story-quattrostories/#respond Mon, 28 Jul 2014 23:13:04 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1473 Pat Horan is a lucky man. He is the owner of a replica WRC Audi Quattro rally car, built for Audi in France . It was watching Michelle Mouton on the circuit of Ireland that inspired him to, one day, own one himself.
This article was originally published in forum thread: wee Video Audi made about Dad’s rallycar. started by Tristan View original post
https://clubgti.com/pat-horans-quattro-story-quattrostories/feed/ 0
GTI International 2014 pictures & reports https://clubgti.com/gti-international-2014-pictures-reports/ https://clubgti.com/gti-international-2014-pictures-reports/#respond Fri, 18 Jul 2014 23:11:22 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1468

Here are the GTI International 2014 pictures & reports from Club GTI members. It was a cracking show with a massive turn out for Club GTI. We hope you see you all next year!


This article was originally published in forum thread: Post your GTI International 2014 pictures & reports HERE! started by mat-mk3 View original post

Comments 45 Comments
  1. Deako's Avatar

    Sunday pictures:


  1. stella's Avatar
    [IMG]Beetle by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Why are the back wheels on this Beetle in the Show and Shine like this?

  1. G-adams's Avatar

    Me and c-tait had a great time on the weekend. Great show and great to meet new people. Defonatley up for going next year (hopefully in the caddy if I pull my finger out )

  1. stella's Avatar

    My dream car has long been an Audi R8, but as I don’t have £100K+ to spare, I’ve decided to economise and lust after this Quattro instead, at a far more reasonable fiver short of £30K. Worth every penny, I should say! 🙂

    [IMG]Audi Quattro by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]
  1. stella's Avatar

    Thanks, Russ 🙂

    On second thoughts, I’m going to stick with my first choice, an R8, but now I can’t make up my mind which colour …… 😉

    [IMG]Audi R8 by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG] [IMG] Audi R8 in silver by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]
  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

  1. vwbobby's Avatar

    Nice line up of cars, shame i missed out on this one

  1. mat-mk3's Avatar

    Great pictures so far! Thanks everyone for posting

  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

    No worries

    I would of taken more, but I had to shoot off early unfortunately.

  1. dragonfly's Avatar

  1. MK1jettaGTi's Avatar

    We had a great weekend, the UR Quattro was on my stall, it’s my mate Andy’s and it’s a hard car to pick fault with, he’s done literally everything to it that needed doing, and used genuine parts from us too.

    It could have been a bit busier from a traders point of view, but the scene does seem to be a bit dominated by mapping and exhaust companies these days, but we enjoyed and.

    The Rallye on our stand drew some favourable comments too, and someone is apparently coming down on Wednesday with a deposit for it.

    Thanks to all that came and chatted, it was good to catch up with some forum users and also some other traders that I haven’t seen for a numbers of years, including Jim from Awesome who recognised me having not seen me for 20+ years.

    Will we be back next year, not sure yet but it was a good weekend regardless.

    Noel at Deutscheparts

  1. Cheg's Avatar

    Select few from the weekend… Quality on the Club stand was excellent, nice to see some of the motors I’ve been reading builds threads of in the metal.

    Plenty more here

  1. Toyotec's Avatar

    Wow those are nice shots!

  1. tshirt2k's Avatar

    Quality pics there cheg

  1. Chris Eyre's Avatar
    Chris Eyre
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Mk2 View Post

    I spotted this too – talented work and Maserati wheels. Audacious!

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Mk2 View Post

    Ex-Nigel Mansell as I’m sure most saw. Registered in 1985, he got it when he signed the Williams F1 contract from recollection? Bare shell resto. Noel from Deutcheparts knows more

https://clubgti.com/gti-international-2014-pictures-reports/feed/ 0
Golf R 400 Concept Car https://clubgti.com/golf-r-400-concept-car/ https://clubgti.com/golf-r-400-concept-car/#respond Mon, 21 Apr 2014 12:48:22 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1578 Golf R 400 Concept Car

Volkswagen is displaying the potential of its flagship Golf R hatchback at the Auto China show in Beijing, in the muscular form of the Golf R 400 concept. If the ‘400’ in the name doesn’t give the game away that this is a seriously powerful machine, then the body and bumper modifications and flared wheelarches should give more than a hint.

Based on the standard Golf R hatchback, which with its turbocharged 300 PS engine and 4MOTION four-wheel drive is hardly a shrinking violet, the Golf R 400 ups the ante considerably, with 400 PS and an extra 70 Nm of torque, making for 450 Nm in total, available from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm.
Developed by Volkswagen R GmbH, the arm responsible for high-power and customisation projects, the Golf R 400 uses a modified version of the engine found in the Golf R: a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine (Type EA888). The extra power of the 400 helps propel this six-speed DSG-equipped model from rest to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds, a whole second faster than its 300 PS sibling. Its top speed is 174 mph (governed).

To achieve the increase in power, the Golf R 400 features a newly developed turbocharger with a higher maximum charge pressure and reinforced crankcase. A water-cooled exhaust gas feed to the turbocharger integrated in the cylinder head helps to reduce full-load fuel consumption, while variable valve control with dual camshaft adjustment improves economy and performance.
At 1,420 kg, the Golf R 400 weighs the same as the standard Golf R, but its appearance has been substantially altered. The body is 20 mm wider on each side, with flared wheelarches that are reminiscent of those on the 1988 Rallye Golf G60. These arches, like most of the body, are painted in ‘Silver Flake’ metallic, and contrast with the gloss black roof and carbon door mirror caps. New sill extensions seamlessly bridge the gap between the widened arches. Filling those arches are 19-inch alloy wheels on an increased offset. A development of the Golf R’s standard ‘Cadiz’ wheels, these are highly modified, with high-gloss back inserts that act as air vanes, helping to cool the reinforced braking system. The tyres are 235/35 R19s.

At the front, the bumper has been completely redesigned to take into account the greater cooling requirements of the R 400. A carbon fibre splitter and aerodynamic ‘wing element’ help to push air towards the honeycomb mesh of the grille – one of many aspects influenced by motorsport. The ‘R’ badge on the gloss black radiator grille sits on a ‘Lemon Yellow’ background, while the horizontal stripe across the grille (which, like the chrome strip on the Golf R, continues into the bi-xenon headlights) is also ‘Lemon Yellow’.
The redesigned rear bumper includes vents on each side, and the Golf R’s four tailpipes have been replaced with two centrally mounted items, like those on the 2002 Golf R32. These 110 mm diameter items are 200 mm apart, and point slightly upwards, displaying a honeycomb mesh. A black double spoiler with LED brake lights atop the tailgate finishes the look.

Inside are motorsport shell seats with integrated head restraints and belt openings. These are upholstered in cross-quilted panels covered in Alcantara, and ‘carbon leather’, as are the two individual rear seats. Stitching throughout the interior is in contrasting ‘Lemon Yellow’.
The Golf R 400 is only a concept at this stage, with no production plans.

https://clubgti.com/golf-r-400-concept-car/feed/ 0
Volkswagen Flat Out At The WRC Finale In Wales https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-flat-out-at-the-wrc-finale-in-wales/ https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-flat-out-at-the-wrc-finale-in-wales/#respond Sun, 17 Nov 2013 13:03:05 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1593 Volkswagen Flat Out At The WRC Finale In Wales

This finale is one that Volkswagen will thoroughly enjoy: the Rally Great Britain in Wales. Despite having won all the competitions in this year’s FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)*, Volkswagen will not be taking its foot off the pedal as it lines up at the final round of the WRC Season from 14 to 17 November with no less motivation than the team has shown all year. Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia (F/F), Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Anttila (FIN/FIN) and Andreas Mikkelsen/Mikko Markkula (N/FIN) travel to Wales determined to head into the World Rally Championship’s winter break on the back of another strong team performance. The 2014 season gets underway as early as mid-January with the iconic Rally Monte Carlo.
However, before the rally classic in the French Maritime Alps, the World Champions* from Wolfsburg must first face an equally iconic and challenging rally, held primarily on the slippery gravel roads winding through the Welsh forests. Unlike in recent WRC history, this year’s rally will be based back in North Wales. This move also heralds the return of a number of popular special stages. None of the current crop of WRC drivers can call on any experience of stages such as “Gwydyr”, “Penmachno”, “Clocaenog” and “Penllyn”, which last featured as part of the British leg of the World Rally Championship back in the nineties.
“The Rally Great Britain is a prestigious round of the World Championship, which every one of the drivers wants to win,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Jost Capito. “The conditions are unlike any of the other WRC rallies and pose a whole host of challenges. We have won nine of the twelve rallies so far, and would love to use that momentum to take a tenth winner’s trophy back to Wolfsburg with us. Every single member of the team is up for the Rally Great Britain, and looking forward to a successful end to the season, without the added pressure of battling for the World Championship.”
Favourite rally, big goal: Latvala/Anttila set sights on second place in the WRC
Having won the past two rallies in Wales, they are now gunning for their third coup in succession: Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Anttila face a huge challenge with the Polo R WRC. The Finnish duo has set its sights on overtaking Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul (B/B, Ford) in the overall standings at the season finale, and in doing so climbing into the runner-up spot in the Drivers’ and Co-Drivers’ Championship at the last minute. To pull this off, Latvala/Anttila must make up 14 points on their rivals – with a maximum 28 points up for grabs. Even if the duo were to triumph at the Rally Great Britain and win the Power Stage, for which additional points are up for grabs for the first three, they would still be dependent on other results going their way. With this in mind, their own Volkswagen team-mates Sébastien Ogier and Andreas Mikkelsen could offer valuable assistance.
100 per cent attack, 100 per cent desire, 100 per cent a classic
There is probably no better place to enjoy rally driving without any tactical complications than the Rally Great Britain. For the Volkswagen works pairings, this means one thing: full throttle from the first minute. Whether Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia, Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Anttila or Andreas Mikkelsen/Mikko Markkula – they all want to end the 2013 rallying year with a top result, and preferably with a win. And there is certainly no lack of motivation: the Rally Wales is regarded as one of the classics on the WRC calendar, and was first held way back in 1932.
Many of the special stages used in 2013 will be new territory for the current crop of WRC drivers, and yet they are integral to the history and reputation of the Rally Great Britain. Take the “Great Orme” special stage, for example. It takes the drivers along a winding road, right on the coast. Possibly the greatest difficulty is that this stage is tackled on the gravel tyres, although it is one of just two asphalt stages on this year’s Rally Great Britain. Furthermore, the route is lined by high, unforgiving kerbs – one mistake is enough to damage the suspension, and could mean a premature end to the very last stage of the year.
Over 32 kilometres long and a true classic: “Hafren”. The route starts out in the town of Hafren and initially heads uphill through thick forest. The trees are often shrouded in mist for long periods and the route becomes greasy and slippery when it rains. The middle section of the special stage is faster, with long corners winding their way through grass and moorland. Another rally icon is the “Sweet Lamb” special stage. Water crossing, jump, hairpin – and all within a section of no more than 500 metres. The spectator zones offer great views of almost the entire area, which is usually used for rally driving courses. This provides a great opportunity to compare the different driving styles on show.
A splash of colour: Andreas Mikkelsen and his homage to the fans
This gesture is in recognition of the fans: Andreas Mikkelsen and Mikko Markkula will line up in Wales with a special livery on the number 9 Polo R WRC. Almost 4,000 photos of fans, gathered from the Internet, will adorn the 315-hp World Rally Car from Wolfsburg. The fans accompanying Mikkelsen as extra “co-drivers” in Wales can go online to zoom in on their photo, and can view the Polo R WRC from every perspective in 3D in the Fan-Look section.
Quotes ahead of the Rally Great Britain
Jari-Matti Latvala, Polo R WRC #7
“The Rally Great Britain is like a second home rally for me. I made my first start in the World Rally Championship in Wales in 2002. Despite the weather, which is often poor and challenging, I have very fond memories of the rally. The layout and rhythm of the stages are unique. I like quick routes – and this is definitely a quick rally. Sometimes you hope it will not be too slippery and muddy in Wales. That can sometimes be very tiring. This season the route is more to the north of the country, unlike last year, when we were primarily driving in the south of Wales. In the north there are more winding stages, which also makes them more technically demanding.
“On the whole, the special stages in the south were faster. I am really looking forward to the rally and can take a very relaxed approach. I would obviously like to be in contention for a podium, especially as second and third place are still up for grabs in the Drivers’ Championship. However, the most important thing is that we are not under any pressure, as we have already won the Manufacturers’ Championship*. I will drive as quickly as possible and just enjoy the final rally of the season.”
Sébastien Ogier, Polo R WRC #8
“I am sure we will enjoy the Rally Great Britain, as it is the first event of the season where we do not feel any pressure at all. No tactics, just full throttle from the word go. Volkswagen has won the Manufacturers’ title, and Julien and myself have secured the Codrivers’ and Drivers’ Championship. The rally has never been my favourite, but with more and more experience my confidence to approach this rally is growing. Some features are not very welcoming: low temperatures, rain, fog and muddy roads through the Welsh forests. I know that this sounds like ‘rally paradise’ for my team-mates – and I have to agree with them. There is probably no better way to end a rally season with a win in Wales. So that’s my goal.”
Andreas Mikkelsen, Polo R WRC #9
“The Rally Great Britain is obviously a special place for me. I was just 17 when I started driving in rallies. However, I gained most of my experience the following year and in 2010, when we won the SWRC in Wales. There are a few new special stages awaiting us. However, that really plays into my hands – especially the ‘Great Orme’ special stage, which returns to the itinerary this season. We have held the record for this stage since 2006. It is a great feeling to return to this special place. The most difficult aspect is the weather conditions. The air is cold and damp, and there is a lot of rain. It can soon get colder than expected there, and can sometimes even be frosty. I hope we will avoid any snow this year. Generally speaking, the way the ground conditions change so rapidly makes the rally very tricky. We drivers need to show a really good touch to cope with this. It would be fantastic to end the season with a good result. I feel more at home in the Polo R WRC now than ever before.”
*Subject to confirmation from the FIA.
Volkswagen in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)
In entering the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), Volkswagen is adding another chapter to its motorsport success story. Volkswagen claimed overall victory at the Rally Dakar with the Race Touareg in 2009, 2010 and 2011 – celebrating a hat-trick of titles at the toughest marathon rally in the world. The Polo R WRC is the first World Rally Car produced by the Wolfsburg-based company, which now lines up with its own works team in the pinnacle of rallying. The series offers Volkswagen the opportunity to prove itself on a global platform in direct sporting competition. No model is more suited to the challenge than the Polo – one of Volkswagen’s most heavily produced and distributed models in the world.

https://clubgti.com/volkswagen-flat-out-at-the-wrc-finale-in-wales/feed/ 0
VW Motorsport SA Jetta Super Touring Car Testing https://clubgti.com/vw-motorsport-sa-jetta-super-touring-car-testing/ https://clubgti.com/vw-motorsport-sa-jetta-super-touring-car-testing/#respond Sun, 17 Feb 2013 13:42:34 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1602 Fresh footage…
This article was originally published in forum thread: VW Motorsport SA developed Jetta Super Touring Car Testing started by pascal77uk View original post
https://clubgti.com/vw-motorsport-sa-jetta-super-touring-car-testing/feed/ 0
Digital Dash Displays for Realtime ECU data – AutoDigi https://clubgti.com/digital-dash-displays-for-realtime-ecu-data-autodigi-2/ https://clubgti.com/digital-dash-displays-for-realtime-ecu-data-autodigi-2/#respond Sun, 07 Oct 2012 13:43:49 +0000 http://clubgti.com/wordpress/?p=1605 AutoDigi have released their first digital dash display onto the market for enthusiasts running DTA engine management. These units display live real time data from the DTA ECU via the ECU serial port. Each unit has 9 programmable LED shift lights, for 3 different temperature ranges (i.e. Cold / Warm / Hot)
This allows a lower shift light while the engine is warming up, a normal shift light when in normal operating temperature, and a reduced shift light when running too hot.
This also allows configuration for staged shift lights from Cold Engine / Medium Heat Engine / Normal Engine temperature.
Other live readings include RPM, Throttle Percentage, Water Temperature, Air Inlet Temperature, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure , Lambda & Battery Voltage.
The AutoDigi DTA allows limit settings to warn users if preset limits are exceeded for RPM Limit, Water Temp Limit, Manifold Pressure Limit & Battery Limit.
Each unit comes with a USB configuration tool for setting RPM shift lights and limit triggers. Fully upgradeable firmware via USB in the event of software updates in the future.They are available in Blue Backlight or Green Backlight depending on what suits your interior lighting.
Screen backlight dims in night time via light switch input. These levels are configurable via the USB configuration tool.
Includes installation instructions and USB cable for PC connectivity.To purchase an AutoDigi & check current availability of stock/colours then please contact Luke via AutoDigi2012@gmail.com or visit this forum post http://www.clubgti.com/showthread.ph…-data-AutoDigi

This article was originally published in forum thread: Digital Dash Displays for Realtime ECU data – AutoDigi started by g60luke View original post
https://clubgti.com/digital-dash-displays-for-realtime-ecu-data-autodigi-2/feed/ 0