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    After many years seeing F1become ever more costly and more boring to watch….. so what is the point of this ….. now came across this article by Stefan Johanson , an ex F1 driver.... who comes with a lot good points of what should change.... If it would happen is another story.....

    There are a few points tough :

    - Either DRS - Drag Reduction System NOR P2P / Push 2 pass should be allowed... pass the car in front because you go 20 - 30 km/h faster than the car in front ….imo its to artificial and not proper racing …. let drivers race the car…. dont make it a video game !

    - I agree on a number spec parts … but allow some choice …f.e between various brake manufacturers … and at a fix fair price …. we see often once parts become spec parts for a certain series , be it in F1 / DTM / WTCC / BTCC …. the price raises quite something… while its about cutting cost ?

    and some more good read :
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