Team Dynamics to run a BTCC Civic Estate next year

Discussion in 'General Motorsport' started by baseball123123, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Jan 25, 2019
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    Meanwhile Andrew Jordan, who trumped Dynamics with his privately-run Dynamics-built car, will remain with the hatchback Civic, which took him to the 2013 title.

    [So 'scuse me whilst I put the cynical hat on! ]

    Translation of all of the above (!):

    - the hatchback is the car to pick, because there's less metal high up and outside the wheelbase
    - Honda want to race the Estate for marketing reasons and have told Team Dynamics to make it happen!
    - the 'inherent advantages' of the hatch disappear with the estate, as all the cars have the same spec-suspension anyway, and the C of G has gone up and rear-ward!

    But it doesn't matter a jot, because Alan Gow, BTCC circus ringmaster, will juggle weight and boost until they're all on a fairly even playing field, hence the MGs being on the pace from the word 'go'

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