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How to choose spirits

As you know, perfumes are similar to a flower having many different petals folding into the layers. Perfumes have three such layers, of which the aroma of one or another bottle and which are alternately revealed over the day. The first layer is notes, that is, the first impression of the spirits that can be felt immediately from the first seconds. The second stage of the disclosure of the aroma can not catch everything - it appears only after half an hour - an hour, this is the foundation of the perfume.

Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to how to choose the spirits is on all the stages of the fragrance disclosure. Usually, the perfumes are indicated by the used odors painted in three stages. These are the different layers of the smell pyramid, which you will feel at the top, and closer to the base - others. After all, as you know, a person remembers the smell and quickly gets used to him, why the applied spirits seem bright to us only at the beginning of their application, after, we will not even catch their fragrance, not to mention the subtle changes in their notes.

When you came to a specialized store to buy perfume, do not think that you will work well the first time. For one, it is impossible to sniff more than five fragrances, it's like after you cannot fully capture odors and distinguish them. This can be corrected by taking with you a few grain of coffee, sniffing that can be returned to its sense of the previous sensitivity.

Before buying, it is necessary to accurately determine what about the aroma you want, that is, to which group it should apply. So distinguish girls flavors with citrus notes and smells of fruits for active, funny and young girls, calmer ladies can be given preference to woody smells, for example, pink tree or sandalfish, floral smells buy romantic and gentle nature, and glamorous beauties that want Being in the center of events and attention should try more spicy flavors, such as ginger, carnations or cinnamon.

Of course, in the question, how to choose perfume, you need to think about how to distinguish perfume from the fake, so as not to spend the money is wasted. First, never buy perfume or cosmetics in non-places that are not intended for this, that is, in transitions or with hands, only in branded and specialized stores. Secondly, it is necessary to know exactly what kind of perfume is necessary. So distinguish perfume, toilet water, cologne and dry perfume. Conventional spirits have a concentration of components about 20-30 percent, and on the package is written by Parfum or Extrait. Toilet water is less catchy, as its concentration from 15 to 20 percent, and on the package you can find the inscription Eau de Perfum, Eau de Toilette or Esprit de Perfum. Colognes practically do not contain a perfume composition, as its share is about three percent, and on the package there is an inscription EAU de Cologne, from where the perfume is called. Dry perfumes with the inscription Dry Perfume belong to the perfume, but it is quite difficult to attribute them to the spirits. Such perfume is easiest to fake and are considered less persistent and do not contain some components, for example, amber, which are mandatory for good and high-quality perfumery. One more criterion for choosing a top casino not blocked by gamstop is a collection of video games and slots. Today, many famous providers, including Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming and other supply their products to sites without a British license. More at - www casinos-notongamstop co uk . These developers are time-tested, they are safe and reliable, and the software they produce is always tested before launching on the casino market. If you decide to play for real bets, then choose those slots in which the RTP level is higher than average, from 96% and higher.


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