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2 litre TFSI Cylinder head cutaway

Type – VW 2 litre 16V TFSI Cylinder head. (Part number – 06F 103 373)

Club member Brian G has posted a 2 litre TFSI Cylinder head cutaway thread for our viewing pleasure and to advance our technical knowledge.
This was crowdfunded by Club GTI and its members to pay for a small part of the project. We thank all the members and especially to Brian G for his time and effort on this.

Brian, wants to say special thanks to the member ‘LUPOCHARGED’ for donating this TFSI Cylinder head.

He would also like to thank the following members for making this TFSI Cylinder Head Cutaway happen:

Club GTI Committee
Richard Mk2
Marty’s Dub
Gaz 37
Dragon Fly
Mushy 16v
VW Singh-Gurds

All of the above members kindly chipped in to cover shipping costs required to get the TFSI Cylinder head to me for analysis.

For the record, here is the older EA827 16v head you have all seen Im sure –…ensions-thread
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