Sunday , February 5 2023
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Dear Santa…

Club GTI Facebook member Patrick Scott posted this jaw dropping R32 Rallye on our Facebook wall last week. With over 60+ Likes it was the hottest post that week and you can clearly see why. Head over to our Facebook page to check it out for yourself!

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  1. Sirguydo's Avatar

    Don’t do farce book so thanks
    Tidy motor

  1. 1990's Avatar

    Stunning car!!

  1. DavMk2's Avatar

    Awesome car, I’d love that.
    I’m not on facecrack either so cheers for posting.

  1. ws4eva's Avatar

    Cheers guys this is mine, thanks very much.

  1. mat-mk3's Avatar

    Hi Patrick

    Thanks for visiting the forum. Do you fancy creating a build thread if you have any pictures you could put up? I’m sure the members here would love to see them.

  1. ws4eva's Avatar

    I could do. It was a 6 year build so lots of pics. I’ll try and put something together when I get chance to get on pc.

  1. mat-mk3's Avatar

    No problem at all. Thanks again.

  1. ws4eva's Avatar

    Is there an easy way to upload pics straight from my phone rather than having to use the pc and photo bucket?

  1. Trev16v's Avatar

    I don’t think there is unfortunately. If you make the Photobucket album public then some of us could help prepare IMG links for you to copy and paste in if that helps at all.

  1. bootsie's Avatar

    You can use Tapatalk, that uses it’s own photo hosting I think

  1. bones's Avatar

    Pat- just copy and paste the thread from dubforce and you are well overdue for taking me out in this!

  1. MUSHY 16V's Avatar
    MUSHY 16V

    saw this the overday on facebook looks lovely
    look forward to a build thread

    Mike i don’t really do facebook ever but this is worth a look as is the clubgti group

  1. ws4eva's Avatar

    Here you go guys build thread up.…DSG-Haldex-etc

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