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Happy Birthday to Club GTI, 28years old today!!!

Happy Birthday Club GTI!!!

Back in 1987 a group of VW GTI driving enthusiasts got together to form Club GTI, some 28years later Club GTI is still going strong.

The Club has seen many changes over the years as it moved with the times. In 2015, Club GTI’s 28th year, you can connect with Club GTI not just at your local and national meets but also online via its own website and forum as well as via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Unfortunately the rise of the internet saw the end of the much loved ‘Rabbit’ magazine which is now archived on the website, this reduced the membership fee from £25 to the current £10. This £10 helps to run Club GTI as well as giving members access to a range of discounted parts, insurance, events and merchandise.

To celebrate the 28th anniversary of Club GTI we are offering 10% off all renewals and new memberships. Simply enter code ‘Happy Birthday’ at the checkout in the Club Shop.

As the Club heads towards it 30th birthday the team are firmly focused on the future, we would love to hear your feedback on all aspects of the Club from membership to merchandise, website to events. If you would like to get involved to help take Club GTI forward or have any suggestion to improve Club GTI then please do contact us!!

Thankyou all for your support over the years, Club GTI would not be in the position it is without you great members!!

Thanks again

The Club GTI Team

And to add a bit of colour to the thread, here are a couple of photos from Club GTI’s latest outing at GTI International

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