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Toyotec’s highlights from Club GTI Curborough May 30th 2016.

It has been 27 years since Club GTI has been attending the Curborough sprint course. The event this May 2016 was a ‘wawser’ for participation and an eye opener for some of us enthusiasts!
Everyone well disciplined, enjoying themselves to maximum without incident. Such a relaxed atmosphere and social event with machinery that was just epic fast.
We had quite a lot going on at this event, from regular favourite vw_singh in his DIY developed MK1 16vT, sneezing its way to fastest place to Sirguydo’s non VW 2000 kg ‘milk float’ Tesla S coming 6th, hooning around the track and providing massive about of entertainment to those that drove in it!
Duke brought his very uber cool Porsche 993 and was not afraid to give it death, even getting it sideways out of corners!
New comers Savagesam and dad Steve got truly infected with the speed bug and long-time Club member Paul White was having a good laugh with his Vento TDI.
Overall Monday 30th of May was pretty much guys and gals having fun in a big field! I spent less time driving my own car, to meet most people there on the day. For me these days are fantastic for meeting the people who make meets like these what they turn out to be. One big social event.We had 31 drivers and 27 cars turned up on the day. A significant turn out.

While historically, this Club meet tends to favour largely VW vehicles, this has been expanded to VW and associated brands as well as allowing owners of other brands at our discretion. It also helps if the participant owns a VW/Audi. So what about this ‘milk float’ the Tesla S?

Pic from Vic.

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