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Tips for completing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 - Basic Missions # 043

2b) Find the destruction of the last rebel leader (you will have to return to the eastern part of the map because one of the rebel leaders has a nuclear warhead).

Fortunately, you don't have to rush too much here, because the game will advance with this mission only if you are close enough to the eastern mansion (that's where the rebel leader is hiding). As you may have noticed, you have received several reserve units, including a drone and an artillery strike. Order your tank to move east. I would not recommend approaching the tank. Let him come in alone. You can also send your drone to scan the entire area.

Your tank will probably meet an enemy hummer. Fortunately, this car will be destroyed. Also, none of the rebel soldiers will have a rocket launcher, so you won't have to worry about your tank. Let your team deal with most of the soldiers. You can also remove a few of them from a greater distance, but do not take too much risk.

Now you will need to get to the well-known building that you tried to protect a few minutes ago. I strongly recommend ordering your tank to stop here. Go left. You should notice two enemy units at a distance.

You will have to kill these soldiers because they threaten the safety of your tank. Eliminate them by leaning out carefully. As soon as they leave, order your tank to get here. I would not recommend sending a tank to the nearest square. Let your team take care of the remaining enemy units. You will also listen to a new radio program.

Now you have to deal with the leader of the rebel soldiers. He will use a helicopter gunship to escape from the map. Fortunately, you don't have to rush to get to the square. Instead, open your inventory and select the ZEUS rocket launcher. The helicopter will arrive from the east. As soon as you have the opportunity to destroy it, shoot a rocket. Otherwise, the warship would probably attack (and destroy) your tank.

As I said, some enemy soldiers will decide to leave the base. Fortunately, your sniper has to take care of this problem. Once you capture that area, you can let it move forward. I would recommend that you order your sniper to hide behind some of the nearby rocks. He should be completely safe there. Experience the Glamour of Vegas at Golden Star Casino - Play and Win Today!


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