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Athletic trainer resume - how to write, instructions

How to create a powerful resume for an athletic trainer? This question is very important to everyone who has achieved certain sports results and sees himself as a trainer. This job is very responsible and requires in-depth knowledge of the sport and training fields. 

A successful trainer learns all the time, invests in his growth and development, as well as attracts many clients, and makes a lot of money. But to get this job, you need to create a good athletic trainer resume. In this article, we want to talk about the important aspects of creating such a document.

Beautiful photo

Your photo makes the first impression on the recruiter. It is advisable to keep it simple and positive. Do not use a photo from official documents - passport or visa. We don't usually look the most welcoming there. Overly glamorous photos are also not a good choice. Use a picture with a friendly smile.

Your photo should be relevant to your job search, so don't use photos from social networks or dating sites: no sexy clothes, overly fun photos from parties, and so on.

Field of expertise

First of all, specify your most important specializations - those in which you are especially strong. Indicate the workouts you lead, note if you can lead personal and remote training. Think about the most important area you specialize in and how your employer can benefit from it in the future. 


It is preferable to have a diploma in physical education, teaching, health care, or fitness. Be sure to indicate all the details of your specialization.

If you graduated from something that has nothing to do with sports and fitness, specify this fact without much detail. But be sure to indicate finished courses and trainings. The fact that you continue to study and improve your abilities is very important. Do not forget about the sports achievements, even if you got them a long time ago. 

Work experience

If your previous jobs are not fitness-related, describe them briefly, without much detail. If you've worked in fitness before and held the same positions at different gyms, describe your job duties and other details.

What to do if you want to apply for a higher position, but you have not enough experience? Your task is to show that you're ready for a more responsible position. Then you are more likely to be hired by a better company.


Be realistic. If you have no work experience at all, leave this section blank. It is better to emphasize how you can be useful to a future employer. 

Finally, try to be as friendly as possible, both in the text and during the interview. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a trainer position in a nice place.


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