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Does it make sense to buy A GameCube in 2021?

Japan and North-America unified to release the Nintendo GameCube console initially in 2001 and it entered nearby regions in 2002. GameCube’s are Nintendo's attempt to beat the sixth generation video game consoles market, competing with Microsoft's Xbox  and Sony's PlayStation 2 at the time. Well, now it’s 2021… and were about to analyze whether it’s still a good idea to purchase a GameCube.

The Nintendo GameCube operates using optical discs as its primary storage medium. Unlike their competitors with full-sized DVD/Audio CD sized discs, theirs are much smaller. Also, their consoles only give provision for a limited range of online games; via a modem adapter or GameCube broadband that can link to a Game Boy Advance, allowing players to use their exclusive features.

Amazingly, GameCube’s initial reception was generally positive. Especially how they were consistently hyped for their ergonomic controller, wide-ranging software library and high-quality games. Although their hardware exterior design didn’t have as much welcoming treatment. Nintendo recorded a 21.74 million GameCube units sale globally until they took a pause in 2007 before their descendant, the Wii, eventually came up November 2006.

Why you Should buy a GameCube in 2021?

Just imagine the waves of nostalgia they will bring, especially to those of us who were kids at the time the game was a hit. This experience amongst other considerations are reasons why buying a GameCube is actually not a bad idea or playing Nintendo GameCube isos on PC, laptop or android through an emulator.


First off, the affordability of the console and games alone is already a massive turn-on; previewing the such-a-wide-range of great single player game  selections should give a sufficient enthusiasm in making this worthwhile investment to family/ squad bonding.

Very few games have such low-cost features like GameCube; the consoles, game discs, memory cards, and controllers are like one of the cheapest there is. The console alone are worth 40 to 50 dollars based on its condition. And with all the cables included, the price range goes up to 60 – 70 dollars. The controllers are worth about $30–$40 each, also depending on its state. The color of the controllers too often affects the price, the spice orange controller for instance can be up to $70.00. While a game disc ranges from $8.00 dollars to about $200.00 contingent on the type of game.

Amazon and eBay are the best recommendations for buying cheap New or used games and GameCubes.

 Single player and Co-op Gaming Features

If your goal is for a good time gaming with family and friends, or just a personal leisure time chill mission, then I believe this would be just what you need. Although, obviously as they say, you get the value of what you pay for, hence the features like online gaming and great graphics may not be comparable to current day Gaming Consoles. Regardless these single and multiplayer experiences will be worth your attention.

Single player Games

A few of Nintendo’s GameCube best single player games include Metroid Prime, WindWaker and the all-time classic franchise; Super Mario Sunshine.

Co-op Games

If you’re in the multi-player/family-fun-time crew, GameCube has just the right games for you. Some of these include, Lego Star Wars 1 and 2, Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Party 4-7, and many more franchises.

Most of these games which were classics at the time, served as stepping stones to the newer developments, but nonetheless, they still remain worthwhile plays.


Do you know you can literally consider buying a Nintendo GameCube a Plausible investment. Now although it may not be as good as putting money in the stock market or buying shares… but like every old-time classic feature, as time goes by, they get rarer, more valuable and highly sought for, even if just for ‘monumental purposes’.  Just that you’ll need to adopt sufficient maintenance practices to keep your GameCube collection functioning well. Measures such as ensuring the games are safely kept in their cases, the consoles cleaned regularly, and the disks well handles to prevent scratches and cracks.


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