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The mystery of the new crossover Cupra

The Spanish company SEAT plans to slightly expand the model range. Marketers decided to allocate cars of the Cupra family in a separate brand. Unfortunately, it is unclear what characteristics will be the new items, although it is obvious that cars with a Cupra nameplate will receive more powerful power units and a sporty design is underlined. In the automotive press they talked a lot about how new items will look like, a lot of diverse spy photos, sketches and variations on the topic of new design were published. In fact, all these photos are no more than a hoax, it is officially announced that the design is in the process of development. That is, in fact, there really exists only a few sketches, some of which was published on the network. Based on these images, all conclusions were made.
If we talk about the facts, SEAT filed a request for the registration of a new trademark of Cupra, in addition, it is known that one of the first cars belonging to the new brand will become a crossover. Probably he will wear the name Terramar. Despite the fact that the deadlines for the emergence of the car from dealers are reliably unknown, there is evidence that this name is already patented in accordance with the rules of the European Union.
In this case, the history of the name of the name is much more interesting than the technical characteristics of the model. SEAT cars, as a rule, possess an original design, in German strict lines are combined with bright design elements in Spanish style. However, if we talk about the technical side of the question, most SEAT serial cars are analogues of Volkswagen. With a large probability, in the case of the Cupra brand, the story will repeat. Most likely, cars of the new brand will be equipped with powerful motors, and their suspension will be more rigid to emphasize the sports character of the car.
Returning to the name of the novelty, it is worth saying that the Terramar name comes from Autdromo de Sitges-Terramar. Such a name was first, open in Spain by an autodrome. Interestingly, already in 1923 the route was closed. It happened after the first competition. Now only a few plots remained from the previous route, the rest of the farm occupies the rest of the territory.
People prone to mysticism believe that the use of the name Terramar does not succeed for seat nothing good, although the sober-minded market analysts hold another point of view. SEAT develops Cupra and creating a separate brand will benefit the company. With a competent approach, the Cupra brand can become profitable. 


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