Image Title Text
Big Smile Big Smile [:D] :D
eek! eek! [eek]
Shocked Shocked :o [:o]
Smile Smile :) [:)]
Tounge Tounge :p [:P] :P
Unhappy Unhappy :( [:(]
Wink Wink ;) [;)] ;-)
Smiley10 Smiley10 [:*:]
Smiley11 Smiley11 [xx(]
Smiley12 Smiley12 [|)]
Smiley13 Smiley13 [:v:] [:V:]
Smiley14 Smiley14 [:^:]
Smiley15 Smiley15 [}:)]
Smiley16 Smiley16 [8D] [8d]
Smiley18 Smiley18 [8(]
Smiley19 Smiley19 :cry:
Smiley20 Smiley20 :thumbup: [:y:] [:Y:]
Smiley21 Smiley21 :thumbd: [:N:] [:n:]
Smiley22 Smiley22 [:|]
Smiley23 Smiley23 [:-B] [:-b]
Smiley24 Smiley24 [:[]
Smiley25 Smiley25 [:?:]
Smiley26 Smiley26 [><]
Smiley27 Smiley27 [l] [L]
Smiley28 Smiley28 [%(]
Smiley29 Smiley29 [8-}]
Smiley30 Smiley30 [:@)]
Smiley31 Smiley31 :hug: [>:D<]
Smiley32 Smiley32 :clap: [=d>] [=D>]
Smiley33 Smiley33 [%]
Smiley34 Smiley34 [!]
Smiley35 Smiley35 [xxx] [XXX]
Smiley36 Smiley36 :lol: [lol] [LOL]
Smiley37 Smiley37 :idea:
Smiley5 Smiley5 [:s]
Smiley7 Smiley7 [:x]
Smiley8 Smiley8 [:o)]
Smiley9 Smiley9 [:$]
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