1985 1.8 GL 8V... to WUR or not to WUR

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    Afternoon gents.

    My mind is boggled....

    I have recently bought as titled and just got her through an MOT, she was running perfectly for a while before being sat in the drive way close to two weeks and now won’t start... it has been suggested it is a compression issue.
    I’ve checked sparks which seem fine and she sounds like she’s being fuelled. If I leave her for a couple of hours, she’ll start up once and then immediately die regardless of how much I furiously pump the pedal.

    Now before I can start trying to find and fix the issue I need some help identifying what parts should be on the Car as standard.

    It is a GX engine code and is currently without a WUR and appears to have a KEjet metering head attached which is confusing the hell out of me.

    I have had one chap say that the KEjet is wrong and it should be a Kjet metering head. Subsequently they have potentially removed the WUR and ancillaries as a work around (communist Poland so makes sense to make whatever they could source fit).

    What adds to this diagnosis is that the wiring to the metering head all looks aftermarket as there is tape everywhere and the loom looks to have been split to accommodate the newer electrics on the metering head. (2 connectors, one either side)

    The other aspect is what appears to be an ‘eletrical choke’ which has been wired to a button in the cabin which prevents the engine from stalling when she is warm.

    What’s really thrown me is I have asked the question on a FB forum and one lad has said that the car should be KE from standard which has really thrown me.

    What also backs up this particular mind f**k is I can’t find the electrical connector anywhere that should in theory plug into the WUR unless it is one of the wires that has been run round the top of the engine bay and into the newer metering head.

    In the famous words of some bint from star wars ‘help me obi won kenobi, you are our hope’

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