AGG Intermittent Cutting Out (Crank Sensor?)

Discussion in '8-valve' started by ThisIsStapes, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Been having a recurring problem the last year or so. Car lasts about 10 miles before all sorts of coughing and spluttering before eventually dying completely. Leave the car to cool down and it'll start up again no problem, until it gets hot again. While sat idling on the drive it can idle for a good hour or so, until it gets hot. Then it's a similar story, cools down and it starts up again.

    Had crank sensor problems before (been changed around 5 times in as many years). This felt different than before. But I have changed dizzies, leads, plugs, maf. Checked all relays and fuses, lambda, ignition, coil, fuel pump. And everything seems to be working as it should. I have been getting it hot on the drive and then as soon as it starts to cough I pour a load of cold water on to the sensor and this seems to curb the coughing, if it doesn't stop it completely it allows the car to start up again straight after it dies. (This was what I had to do before in order to get it home)

    Therefore I've come to the conclusion that it's the crank sensor again and before I go ahead and change it again are there any tips on which one to get and any tips on fitment as I don't want to be replacing this again in 6 months.

    Or any ideas on what it could possibly be.
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