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    New Digifiz FAQ. Work in progress!

    1. Digifiz connector pinout information

    Terminal Wire colour ---------- Function ---------- CE1 wiring CE2 wiring
    WK 7/7 Green Tachometer U1/6
    WK 7/6 Grey/red Hours set
    WK 7/5 Red/white MFA function U2/4
    WK 7/4 Blue Battery/alternator lamp U2/12
    WK 7/3 Black/green Right turn indicator
    WK 7/2 Blue/white Main beam lamp U2/7
    WK 7/1 Grey/white Rear fog lamp
    Terminal Wire colour ---------- Function ---------- CE1 wiring CE2 wiring
    WL 7/7 White/blue Vehicle speed signal (VSS) U1/11
    WL 7/6 Yellow/red MFA reset U2/14
    WL 7/5 Grey/yellow Minutes set
    WL 7/4 Brown Ground U1/10
    WL 7/3 Grey Hand brake lamp U2/10
    WL 7/2 Black/white Left turn indicator
    WL 7/1 White/green Rear defroster lamp
    Terminal Wire colour ---------- Function ---------- CE1 wiring CE2 wiring
    SK 9/9 Grey/green
    SK 9/8 Yellow/blue Coolant low signal
    SK 9/7 Not used
    SK 9/6 Not used
    SK 9/5 Brown/white Ground U2/13
    SK 9/4 Red Permanent +12V U2/11
    SK 9/3 Blue/back Oil pressure 0.3 bar U1/5
    SK 9/2 Yellow/red Coolant temperature U2/9
    SK 9/1 White/red Outside temperature U1/2
    Terminal Wire colour ---------- Function ---------- CE1 wiring CE2 wiring
    SL 9/9 Yellow/white Front fog lights
    SL 9/8 Blue/yellow MFA memory U2/10
    SL 9/7 Black Ignition U1/4
    SL 9/6 Grey/blue Lighting +12V supply U1/14
    SL 9/5 Yellow Oil pressure 1.8 bar U1/3
    SL 9/4 Not used
    SL 9/3 Not used
    SL 9/2 Green/black Oil temperature U1/1
    SL 9/1 Purple/black Fuel gauge U1/12
    2. VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)

    The Digifiz requires an electronic Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) for the speedometer display. This is fitted onto the gearbox in place of the mechanical speedometer cable.

    The Vehicle Speed Sensor that mounts onto the gearbox has three electrical terminals: +12V, ground, and speed signal output.

    For VSS wiring refer to the following CE1 or CE2 section as appropriate.

    2a. CE1 VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) wiring


    2b. CE2 VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) wiring

    On a CE2 vehicle there is a standard method of wiring the Vehicle Speed Sensor to the fusebox, as was done on CE2 cars that had a VSS as standard such as the Corrado and certain Golf MK3s for example. The 'proper' way to wire your gearbox speed sensor is therefore to use three wires between the VSS in your engine bay, through the bulkhead and to your CE2 fusebox, connected in accordance to the table below.

    CE2 fusebox terminal Colour Function VSS connector terminal
    G1/4 Black Supply +12V to VSS 1
    G1/11 White/blue Speed signal from VSS 2
    G1/6 Brown Supply ground to VSS 3
    The speedometer signal that goes into terminal G1/11 is routed inside the fusebox to fusebox terminal U1/11. Therefore, if you have a Digifiz loom that follows the CE2 charts above, your Digifiz should receive the speedometer signal at its WL7/7 terminal.


    - Use colour coding to distinguish between CE1 and CE2 everywhere, e.g. for entries in tables and paragraphs. Use black for information that's applicable to both.

    Proposed sections:

    - CE1 installation, CE2 installation
    - Odometer reprogramming (merge in from other old FAQ)
    - PCB version identification
    - Known faults and fixes
    - Basic power up test procedure
    - Full test procedure
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    Bringing this back from the dead. I have the equivelant wiring colors for MK1 CE1 if anyone is interested.
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    Post them bad boys up.
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    I've been meaning to update this with lots more info, including the actual factory pinout for the CE2 cars which is a bit different to what you would expect... I'll try to sort it at some point soon.

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