Hi All..so here's my problem..my Coraddo 1.8 kr 16v is running terrible..

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Chat' started by thebeckerator, Jun 7, 2023.

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    Jun 26, 2021
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    Just to clarify what I've done so far.
    Starting with the k jet.
    Replaced all injectors,all new gasket through out the induction..checked all vacum pipes..
    Changed metering unit,checked fuel pressure,cleaned isv..new distributor and coil plus leads..
    Car starts fine and runs fine at fast idle. As soon as it drops onto normal tick over its shocking..hunting and rough idle..the moment you open the throttle and the throttle switch open,it's misfiring, open the throttle more and it revs fine..
  2. watercooled Forum Member

    Aug 19, 2012
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    Nelson,New Zealand
    Keep looking for air leaks ,I when right over my Corado engine (ABF on KR k jet) and thought it was fine after swapping the motor but when it came to tuning, I found several more leaks ,mostly the small cloth covered vacuum joiners on the plastic pipes ,I ended up replacing all the ones I could get to with silicone hose .
    The worst leak was the mixture screw in the throttle body,I didn't have the correct "o'' ring but had a spare screw ,that made a real differance.
    I also found timing needs to be spot for the best cold start running and transation when warmed up .
    Reason for mentioning vacuum leaks is your running condition points to that as @ fast idle the leaks are masked and when you return to warm idle the leaks cause the rough idle, I had a rough/hunting idle for that reason as you have.
    Good luck and cheers.
  3. rubjonny

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    Oct 31, 2003
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