How can I improve MPG?

Discussion in '16-valve' started by joe98, Sep 1, 2020.

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    I have a 16v KR Mk2 and at best on the motorway going 70 I'll sit at around 3.5k RPM and I'm only getting around 22 MPG. Around town I'll get around 15 MPG maybe less. Is there anything I can do to increase this number? When idling the car does smell really rich so I'm guessing my main problem is the mixture. Is this something I can do myself at home?

    I'd love to hear any other suggestions as to why it's guzzling down my paycheck as well, thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like it's really rich.
    A good service,, standard air filter, a check of timing etc, and someone familiar with kjet.
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    cambridge , uk
    yeah proper service and set up by someone that knows what to do , alot of garages wont have a clue not that its hard

    mine was q reasonble on fuel , theyre good when working right
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    If your handy with the spanners start at the top and work down really. The plugs will tell you what’s what straight away, should be nice light deposits on the core and little darker to the sides @ 2% CO and 6degrees advance.

    Run the plug backwards to check it’s engaged with the threads before tightening - very easily cross threaded if your ham fisted on the spanner’s!

    Out of interest how are you calculating mpg? If it’s on MFA could be the vac-unit on rear of clocks on its way out.

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