Large Port Small Port Inlet Manifold Question.

Discussion in '1.8 & 1.8T' started by bigadd, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Hello all quick qusetion if i may i have a AGU engine in my MK1 and the way i want to route my pipes is like you see on peoples bays that have put in a BAM engine ie round the top and neatly down the left hand side of the engine. Does that make sense ??

    Obviously you cannot do this with a AGU as the throttle body/intake is on the right hand side i thought i would just change the inlet to a BAM one as they as you know are on the right hand side.

    Talking to someone today they said you can do it but it would be stupid as the ones like BAM etc with the inlet on the right are all small port and the one i have on already is alarge port, so i would be decreasing power ??

    Im sure he has told me correctly but thought i would ask anyway.

    I hope this makes sense ??

    Many thanks to those that answer.
  2. badger5

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    nr Glos
    BAM etc are smallport yes.
    VW Sharan apparently has largeport on passenger side..
    I also know a local guy who due to misfortune with his S3, ended up with AGU engine, and S3 running gear, so is smallport manifold on largeport head. It drives ok. you would'nt know. (surprisingly)
  3. bigadd Forum Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Many thanks for you reply i will go down the scrap yard tomorrow and have a look at a VW Sharon one i think.

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