Mk1 8V Golf GTI Timing

Discussion in '8-valve' started by redwolf01, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Hi Guys.

    I am helping a friend rebuild his Mk1 Golf and having trouble getting it run OK. Doesn't rev well and I am pretty sure the problem is fuel related having been stood for 20 years. I submitted a post a month or so ago on the K-Jet forum section with full details which unfortunately did not get any response.

    Thought I would get back to basics and check timing and after reading an article on here wondered if I was a tooth out. I had set the belt via the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley, then I read something about using the flywheel marks to ensure we are set on TDC as there are marks @6 degrees BTDC.

    So set up where I think TDC is and looked down the inspection whole and there is an 0 and a filed v-notch. moved it back and forth and there are no other marks. Therefore assume this is absolute TDC


    So with crank set to TDC I checked camshaft and had another dilemma. Should the timing mark on the sprocket be level with top of the head (without the cover), or level with the top of the camshaft cover? Hayes suggests the head but the picture looks like it is the top of the cover?

    Can you advise please

    Thanks Kevin
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    The 1.6 EG code ignition timing is set differently to 1.8, IIRC its set to TDC with vacuum line on dizzy disconnected rather than 6 degrees. I'll try to dig my mk1 haynes out later to confirm.

    you can usually add a few more degrees of advance than standard though if the engine is healthy.

    as you say theres mixed info on the cam marker, some sources say level with head some say level with rocker cover. ElsaWin says level with cylinder head cover anyway
  3. redwolf01 New Member

    Apr 18, 2010
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    Thank you for the very quick response. I think I am spot on with the cam belt, looks like I am back to investigating what I believe to be fuelling problems!

    Cheers. Kevin

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