mk2 ABF slow start.

Discussion in '16-valve' started by kardo, Nov 17, 2020.

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    Dec 27, 2019
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    When i start my car, i must crank 5-7 times when it fires up. i thought that it is sth do to with fuel pressure. today i checked that. When i prime fuel pump (ignition only) the fuel pressure stays 0. when cranking few times it rises and start up. With running engine its 2.6 bars. when turned off its 2.6bars and after 10 minutes it rises to 3 bars. i think slow start is related to the 0 fuel pressure with ignition on. I can hear the fuel pump priming. I primed 5 times and nothing showed on the gauge.

    Can somebody help with that?
  2. davidut5 Forum Member

    Oct 14, 2018
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    When you say primed 5 times, switched ignition 5 times? ECU wont prime but once from the 5, at least my AGG goes. Try a live 12v on the pump and see what pressure you get and how fast.
    Repair manual says pump should keep pressure for 10 minutes so that is ok. If it does not see camshaft signal it will crank longer but should limit rpm to 5500.
  3. rubjonny

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    yes with the 30 relay in place the ecu wont prime the pump again unless you leave the ignition off for a bit, listen close and you'll hear it click off again. can always pop a 17/18/100 relay into your fuel relay socket then the pump will run the whole time ignition is on then you can time how long it takes the pressure to build up

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