VW torque wrench settings thread?

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    I'd been doing various bits of work on the track car before the 'Ring trip and found myself leafing through the chapters of Haynes manuals, often three, as they don't list the same data consistently. Add in a hybrid 02A and it means reaching for the Passat manual... so thought I'd compile it into a list to have on the wall on the garage.

    Posting it here in case anyone else can benefit.

    Mk1 Golf / Scirocco 1 & 2 Torque Wrench Settings

    Item Bolt size lb ft Nm
    Wheel nut M12 x 1.5 82 110
    Sump drain plug 22 30
    Transmission drain plugs 18 25
    M12 gearbox to engine bolts 19mm 55 (rod change) / 59 (cable change) 75 (rod change) / 80 (cable change)
    M10 gearbox/starter motor/engine/front engine mount 17mm 44 (rod + cable change) 60 (rod + cable change)
    Engine front mounting to gearbox 29 (1100/1300) 40 (1100/1300)
    Engine front mounting (to chassis?) 38 (Mk1 big block) 52 (Mk1 big block)
    Engine side and rear mountings 25 (Mk1 big block) 35 (Mk1 big block)
    Front wishbone 19mm 73 100
    Rear wishbone 15mm 33 45
    Hub CV nut ~ 32mm 169 (Mk1) / 197 (Passat) 230 (Mk1) / 265 (Passat)
    Inner driveshaft nuts Spline 33 45
    Front strut to hub 17mm 58 80
    Bottom ball joint to hub 17mm 18 25
    Front brake caliper to hub 44 60
    Rear stub axle to axle 15mm 44 60
    Rear axle to body 17/19mm 33 45
    Rear axle pivot 51 70
    Rear lower shocker 17mm 33 45

    All settings copied from Haynes manuals, given in good faith.
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    Limited usefulness for most, but handy for some. Mk2 Syncro/Rallye rear axle torque settings, from VW workshop manual:





    I have some more syncro-specific torque settings without pics, but how do I do tables?

    From VW workshop manual for Golf/Vento Syncro 1992 on, but presumably same for Rallye/G60 Syncro which came with the 02C:

    All for 02C 4wd cable-change gearbox:

    Transfer box to gearbox: 40Nm
    Transfer box C-shaped support to engine: 40Nm
    Transfer box C-shaped support to transfer box: 40Nm
    Transfer box strap-shaped support (both ends): 40Nm

    (Installing C-shaped transfer box-engine support without stressing:

    Screw in all bolts hand tight
    Tighten transfer box support-engine bolts to 8Nm
    Tighten transfer box support-transfer box bolts to 25Nm
    Tighten transfer box support-engine bolts to 40Nm
    Tighten transfer box support-transfer box bolts to 40Nm)

    Tripod transfer box-propshaft flange centre nut: 350Nm

    Viscous coupling centralising nut-rear diff input shaft: 45Nm

    Propshaft to viscous coupling: 60Nm (Higher than mk2 rod-change 020 syncro - different bolts?)
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  3. SKI

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    Anyone got full mk2, torque settings?
  4. fthaimike Forum Addict

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    i am after...

    mk1 golf 1983 dx

    new tie rod ends, securing nut asap please

    also wheel nuts while i am in here :-)
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