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Discussion in 'Carburettor' started by SpecialBrew, Mar 6, 2021.

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    Bonjour guys & gals, so after many months of intermittent issues with my k-jet system I've decided for the sake of simplicity to sack it off and go the bike carb route. I know, ABF or 2.0 bottom end & crossflow would be a smarter play but due to time & space availability at the moment I'm planning on travelling that path at a later date. I've done my homework and know what's needed to make it work but there's still a few questions I've not been able to find any definitive answers for...

    Heat soak
    So obviously with the setup being on a counterflow head I thought heat soak would be a bit of an issue, I've seen a couple of South African guys on other forums claiming this isn't much of an issue with proper management. My idea was to heat wrap the tubular manifold, would this be enough or is something more substantial a good idea?

    Bulkhead clearance
    As I understand it clearance is tight but manageable with the right manifold, I've been looking at pre-fabbed kits like the ones offered by DanST, anyone have any experience with these or would I be better off cutting down the stock manifold to fit myself?

    Engine management
    Ideally I'd like to have an AFR gauge to keep an eye on what's going on under the bonnet, now the k-jet ECU only provides an extremely basic ignition function as far as I know so I'm guessing for this to work I'd have to invest in a megasquirt/emerald standalone setup, meaning I'd also need to install a TPS & crank sensor. Not really wanting to get this in depth into it since I only intend this mod as a temporary stop-gap but if there is a workaround I'd love to hear it

    That about covers it appreciate any responses, cheers fellas!

    Just realised I should probably list my engine setup: it's a standard 8v EV engine, counterflow head with some work done and a 270 cam, will be fitting a full milltek system as well with this conversion.

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