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Toyotec’s mini report of the Blyton Track day June 29th

With the wifey enjoying herself over on the other side of the pond, I had the responsibility of looking after our two children Jazzmine and Jerome. Initially, I had planned to ship them off to some friends. However with Nige P indicating that the venue was actually children friendly, I saved myself some hassle and we all jumped into JENVEE and head North to Lincoln early in the morning. This was much to the relief of Jerryboy, who is always up for all things motorsports related

A couple of Lucazades later and we arrived at the destination.

Once signed in, I enquired about the availability of super-unleaded fuel in by area as I had been to the ASDA and Tesco in Gainsborough and could not find any. In fact on the approach to Gainborough via Ashcroft Road (A156), at the Turndike roundabout, if one was to take the first exit, at about 200yards is a Murco fuel station, where you can top up with 97RON juice.

This we did.

Then it was back to the track, to swap the road tires over to track rubber and lighter wheels.

With that out of the way, all track attendees went to the briefing room, for a safety chat by Colin of Javelin.

As we came back to the car, Jerome was seen engaging in conversation with the owner of this little weapon.

It is called a GBS Zero kit car and it achieves 411bhp from its Honda S2000 F20C lump.

411bhp from a 2 litre lump, I hear you say! That is because it is breathed on by this device.

A Rotrex charger. A pax lap in this thing was pretty epic, as torque of ~ 300lbft was present from 4k to 7.5k. It was almost electric in delivery. In the right hands it would be a force to be reckoned with!

Back to the office of JENVEE, Nige went out with me as a passenger for the most of the morning. His tips were pretty valuable in understanding how the track should be driven and also remembering what to do on some corners that looked the same, even with this track image in my mind.

A smooth driving technique was forced by the fact, it was wet and my A048s made the backend of the car a bit lively on the current suspension set up.

As Nige and Matt took the time from their DN trip preparation to come to the event, They had to leave at midday.
As I know Nige for a long time, the key was handed over and he took me as a passenger to quickly join up all the tips he had been suggesting.

In my mine I thought, “So that is how you do it eh?”. This gave significant confidence to drive the car quite quickly when the track had dried up ( see the video above for evening session).

Back in the pit area our other dubers were enjoying themselves as well.

Benny, Ian and Crispy (TDI) had quite a few laps out on track and all seemed to be going quite well for them.
I also know Ian had some passenger tips from Nige before he left.

Richie K’s 2.0 16v twin carb set up was going very well before killing his tyres!

Crispy 8V seemed to have no issue with his TDI on track

1990 ( Ian) was not that lucky

After many man hours…And Nige kindly driving around looking for a motorfactors

A fix was found near the close of the day.

However Benny donated his cable from the race car and Ian got home without incident!

Also there at the event was another Club member, scirocco_gt, driving this C reg LHD that did not sound ‘4 cylinder’…

This was an original left hooker 16v.

Not anymore and here is why

Very nicely presented car.

After the lunch period, both Jazzmine and Jerome had clocked there was an outdoor Go-Kart track and both he and Jazzmine wanted to have a session.

So we drove them up there managed to get 1 session in.

They did enjoy that and I was able to get back to the track and put into practice some of the tips suggested in the wet.

And OH boy! What fun I had, as now all that I thought was fast was now being over taken!
The car worked very well lap after lap. The brakes unlike previous sessions at Bedford were fine and the disks were wearing evenly.

It was a fantastic day after all and lots were learned as I reminisced about the day when the car was packed up

Compared to our other events, Club GTI was small in number but the day was massive in terms of enjoyment ( and banter) for all of us who attended.

I’ll be back!



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