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GTI International 2014 pictures & reports

Here are the GTI International 2014 pictures & reports from Club GTI members. It was a cracking show with a massive turn out for Club GTI. We hope you see you all next year!…-reports-HERE!

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  1. Deako's Avatar

    Sunday pictures:…57645128937679

  1. stella's Avatar
    [IMG]Beetle by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Why are the back wheels on this Beetle in the Show and Shine like this?

  1. G-adams's Avatar

    Me and c-tait had a great time on the weekend. Great show and great to meet new people. Defonatley up for going next year (hopefully in the caddy if I pull my finger out )

  1. stella's Avatar

    My dream car has long been an Audi R8, but as I don’t have £100K+ to spare, I’ve decided to economise and lust after this Quattro instead, at a far more reasonable fiver short of £30K. Worth every penny, I should say! 🙂

    [IMG]Audi Quattro by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]
  1. stella's Avatar

    Thanks, Russ 🙂

    On second thoughts, I’m going to stick with my first choice, an R8, but now I can’t make up my mind which colour …… 😉

    [IMG]Audi R8 by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG] [IMG] Audi R8 in silver by VWGolf65, on Flickr[/IMG]
  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

  1. vwbobby's Avatar

    Nice line up of cars, shame i missed out on this one

  1. mat-mk3's Avatar

    Great pictures so far! Thanks everyone for posting

  1. Richard Mk2's Avatar
    Richard Mk2

    No worries

    I would of taken more, but I had to shoot off early unfortunately.

  1. dragonfly's Avatar

  1. MK1jettaGTi's Avatar

    We had a great weekend, the UR Quattro was on my stall, it’s my mate Andy’s and it’s a hard car to pick fault with, he’s done literally everything to it that needed doing, and used genuine parts from us too.

    It could have been a bit busier from a traders point of view, but the scene does seem to be a bit dominated by mapping and exhaust companies these days, but we enjoyed and.

    The Rallye on our stand drew some favourable comments too, and someone is apparently coming down on Wednesday with a deposit for it.

    Thanks to all that came and chatted, it was good to catch up with some forum users and also some other traders that I haven’t seen for a numbers of years, including Jim from Awesome who recognised me having not seen me for 20+ years.

    Will we be back next year, not sure yet but it was a good weekend regardless.

    Noel at Deutscheparts

  1. Cheg's Avatar

    Select few from the weekend… Quality on the Club stand was excellent, nice to see some of the motors I’ve been reading builds threads of in the metal.

    Plenty more here

  1. Toyotec's Avatar

    Wow those are nice shots!

  1. tshirt2k's Avatar

    Quality pics there cheg

  1. Chris Eyre's Avatar
    Chris Eyre
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Mk2 View Post

    I spotted this too – talented work and Maserati wheels. Audacious!

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Mk2 View Post

    Ex-Nigel Mansell as I’m sure most saw. Registered in 1985, he got it when he signed the Williams F1 contract from recollection? Bare shell resto. Noel from Deutcheparts knows more

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