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Hooligans 3 (2013). Review

The third part of the film is noticeably weaker than the first masterpiece of the series, but already better than the sequel. The scenario is frankly weak and banal, since the story is about one person avenging the death of another. All this happens against the background of fan fights after the games of favorite football teams. As a result, the characters turned out to be not expressive and not quite realistic. With all this, the acting looks at a fairly good level. In the film "Hooligans 3" Scott Adkins plays the main role, but besides him, someone famous in this project did not light up.<br />
The film is simply full of obscene language, which is understandable when it comes to groups of aggressive football fans, therefore, it is advisable to watch "Hooligans 3" by Scott Adkins "Hooligans 3" online with a good translation. The filming was done quite soundly, especially with regard to fights and violent moments. The director seems to focus on this, so that fans of action movies will find interesting scenes for themselves here, although in general this does not save the movie, as many expect the same as from the first part.<br />
Nevertheless, there is a British atmosphere in the picture. It seems that the entire film crew tried to pull out an unsuccessful scenario with other positive moments, but they did not succeed. The heroes mostly sit in a bar and run out into the streets, where they fight with competitors. The main confrontation, of course, occupies the main storyline, but it could not be filled with the drama that I would like to see after watching the first part. Despite the fact that there are already other heroes and a different story here, everything looks like an unsuccessful continuation with regular variations on the theme of football fans and a crumpled chewed script.<br />


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