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What services Soap2day competes with


In addition to Soap 2day, there are other services around the world where visitors can watch free streaming movies for free immediately after they are released in cinemas. The safety of using such sites is questionable in most countries, and in some countries (e.g., the USA, the UK) pirate sites are prosecuted. And even viewing content on them can lead to liability for copyright infringement.

But users know how to get around the restriction. Visitors to Soap2day and its analogues use a secure connection - VPN, which makes it impossible to trace the path to who watched an unlicensed version of a loaded movie or TV shows.


Soap2day analogues around the world

There are quite a few sites that streamed movies for free almost as soon as they premiered in cinemas. Here are the largest movie aggregators like soa2day, the pages of which are visited (or previously visited) by more than 5 million people each month.



An active streaming movie service that offers its users the opportunity to watch or download movies in maximum quality. To use YTS, as well as in other cases, it is recommended to use VPN.

The service is notable for its clear menu. All movies, series are selected by categories, popularity. Just use the search bar to find a movie by title or open a genre tab and watch the correct movie.



A popular site for English-speaking visitors. Access to it is provided only by using VPN services, as when you enter from the main link the residents of most countries of the world have automatic blocking of the service.

The site has an intuitive menu and a search line for quick movie selection. Access is possible from any device: tablets, smartphones, laptops. No mobile application available. Videos can be watched online after a quick download.



A scandalous resource, once in high demand in the UK. Its heyday peaked in 2016, after which for a few weeks, when the UK took seriously the prosecution of piracy, measures to block such sites actively supported in the United States as well, switching to Putlocker in the standard way became unavailable.

Now the service refers to the number of "dead" sites to which it is impossible to enter without using a mirror link. But given the special attention to the portal, it is almost impossible to view videos from its platform at the moment, even with a VPN.



Another site whose content is no longer available to most users. Five years ago, 123movies was the most popular site in its category, with almost 100 million people going to it every month. But with stricter film industry piracy laws, the main link that visitors used to go to the site is no longer functioning.

Access to 123movies content is now partially preserved. You can still access the site, but only after a long search for an actual mirror, and without a VPN it is undesirable to use the service.


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