Toyotec's how to integrate Megasquirt to your 20vT engine 140911

Discussion in 'Throttle bodies & non-OEM ECUs' started by Toyotec, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Cheers Toyotec. I am happy to use the existing oil pressure switch to operate a big red bulb directly in my line of sight. What I want to connect is a sender for an oil temp gauge so guess I will either have to tee off the existing oil pressure switch port or make a new hole. My question above related to the second option and if the flat area was somewhere that VAG place a second sensor on other installations - if it is then I would hope to fine enough metal thickness to drill and tap.
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    You did say oil temp and for some reason I went off on oil pressure lol

    The same applies.

    If you do not have oil pressure, I would use the above sender and tee off with an oil temp sender.

    Most folks on here use the gauge cluster from an 80s to 90s Audi.


    In older vehicles like my own Golf 2 GTI, we have an oil temp display in our speedo/rev cluster so we might not always us all the gauges.

    JENVEE 50mm Gauge cluster.jpg

    You can buy the temp senders to match the oil temp gauge also.
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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to check i am reading this correctly before i cut the earth cable and apply +5v to it....

    I am using an Emerald K3 ECU, i just want to check i am reading the diagram correctly, Ground pin 4 (li/gr), ecu to pin 5 (ws/ge fairly sure the color is another li/? on my AGU) and +5v to pin 7 which on the AGU TB is an earth wire.

    if any one can please confirm, hesitant to cut the earth wire and give it 5v....



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